Corporate and Business Events

Some of our packages are shown below as an example, we are happy to mix and match these to suit your event. There is no one package fits all!

Our games are designed to get your team motivated and to improve business relations which help bonding.

Two truths and a lie

All team players write down two truths and one lie. Then each team member must work out which one of the three are a lie. No rude ones though.

Drink and flip

5 cups with a small amount of water are used with two seperate teams. Each team member must drink water then tip the cup upside down on the table.

Ball catch

One player sitting down throws a ball over their head and the player with the bucket must catch as many as possible within the time limit.

16 green cups and 16 red cups

15 green cups and one red cup is place in a pile with the red cup at the bottom. Using alternative hands each team member must take a cup and place it at the bottom of the pile.